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Our Philosophy

Rapid application development involves efficient "give-and-take" interactions between at least two parties: a supplier of a technology and either an investor or user (customer) of that technology.  In both cases, the objective is to transform a compelling technology into value-added products.


In product commercialization, the action is at the interfaces.  RADii is positioned at the interfaces between suppliers and investors and suppliers and customers to facilitate transfers between parties and expedite deal flow.  The Company achieves win-win outcomes by building synergistic relationships among all stakeholders in an emerging technology venture.


Our logo consists of two circles, one inside the other, oriented so that the respective radii overlap.  The circles represent two of the interacting parties mentioned above: investors, suppliers and customers.  The overlapping portion of the radii, shown by the red bar, symbolizes the role of RADii in working with and linking both parties.

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