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Our Services

On this page we list the services we offer and the benefits our clients receive.  Please check in often because we will frequently update the page with new offerings.



The RADii mission is to rapidly develop applications and commercialize products based on materials science and nanotechnology.  Our efficient and affordable consulting services include: strategic planning, technology assessment, project management, market research, and patent analysis.  

Whether you are a problem solver or decision maker, RADii can work with you to mitigate your risk, maximize your reward, and optimize your resources. Count on us as experienced business partners who know what it really takes to “provide value.”   

Let us help you … 

         Devise research strategies leading to proof-of-concept and rapid prototype demonstrations  

         Link early-stage technology to commercialization pathways

         Assess technology features and benefits in light of applications and market demands

         Identify prospective investors and licensees

         Determine technology, manufacturing and commercialization readiness levels and design approaches to advance each category

         Guide the project management process by developing value propositions and defining objectives, milestones and metrics

         Prepare business plans and funding proposals

         Perform market research by collecting primary data and verifying assumptions (market size and growth rates, segmentation, trends and drivers, value chains, SWOT analysis, competitive intelligence, etc.)

         Analyze patents, interpret claims, generate patent landscape maps, and develop intellectual property strategy


Realize the benefits …

         Application focus and market traction at outset

         Fast prototype development to enhance product value, reduce product development time and cost

         Efficient project management process

         Realistic estimates of product development costs and ROI

         Commercial product with maximum inherent value