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RADii Solutions, LLC expedites the advancement of technology-based ideas and inventions through the product commercialization pipeline.  RADii (pronounced RAD2) was founded in June 2006 by Dr. Fred Allen who specializes in materials science and nanotechnology.


The Company's specialty is Rapid Application Development (RAD), by which early stage inventions are transitioned through the pre-manufacturing stages of product commercialization and transformed into proof-of-concept and compelling prototype demonstrations.  Bridging these gaps in product development is crucial for exhibiting the application and value of an idea or invention and thereby making it attractive to a licensee, investor or acquirer.


By means of an array of proprietary tools that facilitates decision making, risk analysis and problem solving, RADii provides three types of service to develop your advanced technology application expertly and quickly:

         Strategic Planning

         Technology Assessment

         Project Management

Crossing the Valley of Death


In product commercialization, there is a notorious chasm known as the Valley of Death separating an early-stage technology from a more mature, market-ready technology.  Many well-intentioned ideas and inventions fail to cross the Valley of Death because of the high risk and steep cost of development work.


Bridging this product development gap - efficiently and cost effectively - is the purpose of rapid application development.   


RADii shepherds ideas and inventions through the product development gap for its clients.  The Company’s experts assess early-stage technology, plan and perform proof-of-concept studies, and design and execute prototype demonstrations.  RADii seeks investors, funding sources and development partners, if needed.  The Company’s goal is to create and capture value by connecting "suppliers" of early-stage technology with "customers" who will engineer and manufacture the technology into products that meet existing market needs or even create new markets.


RADii works with the following clients:

  • Corporate venture groups
  • Start-up companies
  • University technology transfer offices
  • Academic institutions without a technology transfer function
  • Economic development agencies
  • Investors and venture capitalists
  • Law firms

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